About the Gush Funnel

A brand new design in funnel technology! The patented design of the Gush funnel keeps your jobs flowing quick and easy.  From water to oil, a pour that is so fast there is no time for a spill.  Our new design accommodates a free & fast flow to many different viscosities of liquids.  The Gush will keep your equipment free and clean of any spills saving you money and time.

Man pouring jug of oil into a gush funnel to show how quickly it pours

Fastest Flow

Burpless pouring allows fluids to flow just as quickly as they can be poured.

Old funnel with stop symbol overtop

No Overflow

The unique design keeps fluids from overflowing as pouring high volumes all at once.

Old funnel with an air bubble coming up through liquid

World’s Only Burpless Funnel

The innovative patented design leads the market in flow capacity.  No more burping as you pour in your fluids.

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Gush Funnel, the world's first burpless funnel

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