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The patented design of the Gush funnel keeps your jobs flowing quick and easy.  From water to oil, a pour that is so fast there is no time for a spill.

Gush funnel being used to pour oil under the hood of a car

Gush for Automotive

No more burping, or slow oil flows when your adding oil to your car.

Gush for Industrial

Adding Gas or oil to your farm, or industrial equipment has never been easier.

Man pouring oil into a gush funnel
Gush funnel sitting on top of a toolbox in workshop

Gush for Household

Gush is perfect for any of your household funnel tasks.  Fryers, Cooking, Household Chores.  You’ve never poured fluids like this before.

More About Gush Funnel

Welcome to the future of funnel technology.  Check out how Gush Funnel works, and why you need it!  No more waiting, no more burping, no more splashing.

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Gush Funnel, the world's first burpless funnel

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